BidVertiser Vs. AdSense
Which Ads Should You Use on Your Website?

If you advertise on your website or blog, and are you interested in alternatives to AdSense, this article is for you. Here, I will be comparing BidVertiser and AdSense.

Some warning
BidVertiser ads are very similar to Google's AdSense. For that reason, you should not mix AdSense and BidVertiser ads on the same web page at the same time. You can experiment by using AdSense for some time, and then BidVertiser ads for another time; you can have AdSense on one web page and BidVertiser on another web page of your website.

All right, let's get to the business of this article.

Pros for Using BidVertiser
1. BidVertiser pays via Paypal. AdSense pays via check. Paypal deposit is quicker to get than a check.

2. The minimum payout from BidVertiser is $10. AdSense has a minimum payout of $100, which takes more time to reach. Many beginning advertisers give up on the early stages of using AdSense and never realize any of the profits for their labor.

3. You can choose to have links opened in a separate window. This allows users to stay on your website and hopefully click on other ads on the website.

4. You can manually approve ads. You don't have this control with AdSense.

5. When creating your ads, you can see a template for what the ad will look like before you put it on your site. For AdSense, you have to click on a separate link, for example, to see what a 234x60 ad looks like. This is excellent for beginners, but also for experienced users because the default selection on AdSense is 728x90 "Leaderboard", which many times is not what you want.

6. You can choose to display eBay auction ads (by default) or not. AdSense does not allow you this freedom.

7. Finally, a very good thing, you can see how much money the advertisers are bidding for the ads that will show on your website. You can't see that information from AdSense; you have to use some other system, like AdWords, to get an idea how profitable your ads can be for your niche.

Cons for Using BidVertiser
1.Some people experience slow page loads with BidVertiser compared to AdSense. This is a problem, because users don't like slow sites. They will go to the next one if yours is too slow.

2. Ads are not as relevant as the ones from AdSense. For example, I have a blog about chronic pain, and some of the ads I saw on my site were about dieting. Of course, I can manually block those ads that are not relevant. But the problem is that there were a lot of ads that were not relevant. There is no such problem with AdSense because you have more advertisers using AdSense than any other ad system.

3. AdSense pays more per click. This is not always true; it depends on the keywords that you use. But like I said on the previous point, there are more advertisers competing for AdSense ads, and competition in this case is good.

4. AdSense has a better reputation. Some people complain that BidVertiser did not pay them when the minimum payment reached the $10. Some people say that BidVertiser does pay. You have to experiment on your own to find out.