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1. Next to rapid , Hotfile is the only service which      provides speed for free downloads up-to 128 with less wait time.
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2. Pay rate is very good
3. Pays on time
4. FTP Uploads, Remote upload
5. 20% referral Commission {you will earn 20% of everything they earn}
6. All downloads counts from a free user { u get paid more }
 If a user downloads 20 different files in 1 hours , u will get paid for all 20 files.
 7. No account banning in hotfiles, they will just delete the download link { u still get paid} no worries...
Now dont bump ur head thinking why im not making 10 or 20 $ a day.
Follow these steps and remember its a process and u cant jus do it in a days time
1. keep a habit of uploading files everyday {do the ftp upload or just upload big file b4 u go to sleep}
next day you can up those links where ever you want.
How to upload with FTP?
user: your hotfile username
pass: your hotfile password
You can upload and make folders, but cant rename,move files
2.  If your starting today with your first file and expect 10$ then i suggest you to stop dreaming and start uploading ur files to it takes a good amount of files to convert into download = cash
3. so what do you upload ? what ur best at ?   Videos , mp 3 , e books,
    Dont just upload anything and everything, know what ppl want and what needed most
    there r thousands of forums which prefers hotfile and other sites they have banned links from so you dont have much options there. with hotfile links u can post it anywhere u want
    you can have more download conversion from hotfile than any other service.
   By posting more links to download your hotfile payrank will rise and u will get paid more
Account type
Earnings Table
Note: All prices are for 1000 downloads.

Thinking how you gonna make it to Platinum ?
                                it will take a month or two with uploading 10 files everyday in hotfile
                                the more users download & go premium the higher rank you will get..
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Max file size: 400 Mb
Premium-account: Yes
Period of files-keeping: 90 days after last download
Parallel downloads (Free/Premium): No/Yes
FTP upload: yes
Resume downloads (Free/Premium): No/Yes
Earn program: Yes. Good program!
Remote upload: Yes. Very Fast and Quality. Daily download limit = 10 Gb
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 7/7
Support of Download-Accelerators: Premium users only