Current tariff: 15.00, 20.00(US) per 1000

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Referral Action:

Invite your friends, colleagues, friends from blogs, forums, communities to the Bonus Program!
Every your referral from Europe, The US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova, registered in Bonus Program from September 19 to October 20
will bring you extra income:

- in 1st month of his work - 100% of his earnings!
- in 2nd month of his work - 50% of his earnings!
- in 3rd month of his work - 30% of his earnings!

For example, if a person registered as your referral on September 23, you will get bonuses:
from September 23 to October 23 - 100% оf his earnings,
from October 23 to November 23 - 50% of his earnings
from November 23 to December 23 - 30% of his earnings.
After December 23 the percents become usual 20%.

The percents are extra bonuses and are not taken from your referral earnings! You just get bonuses calculated as percents of his earning!

Referrals from 46 countries can participate into the Action: Europe(entire), Russia, The US, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, Belarus and Moldova. Referrals from other countries will bring you usual 20% bonuses.

Prize index:

Attention! Depositfiles always aim at improving the conditions for our users and giving the existing Bonus Program Participants more opportunities to earn! Now everybody can improve his profit with Depositfiles by adding little more efforts in the right direction!
All Bonus Program Participants acquire their Personal Prize Index which defines the amount of money that will be added to your main earnings!

The Prize Index (from 1 to 100)
1) 0-19-your current earnings (100%)
2) 20-39-you get +10% in addition to your earnings
3) 40-59-you get +20% in addition to your earnings
4) 60-79-you get +30% in addition to your earnings
5) 80-100-you get +40%in addition to your earnings

E.g: Today you earned $10 and your Prize Index is 62. In accordance to the table given above you get +30% ($10 x 30% = $3).That is your today's earning makes $10 + $3 = $13.
You will see the Prize Money in the column Prize on the Bonus Program page.

Note:The Prize Index can only be applied to those users who collected 7000 downloads and more! New downloads-counter starts on the 1st of each month.

Factors influencing Prize Index:
  1. Your activity
    • how often you upload files
    • number of users who download more then one of your files per day
    • which countries the users who download your files come from.
  2. Popularity of your files
    • number of users who download your file completely (excluding those who stopped downloading and including resumed downloads)
    • the total number of downloads of your files per day,week,month
    • how many users who downloaded your files purchased Gold-account to speed up the downloads
  3. The size of your files.
  4. Whether your file is easy enough for your friends to download. Note that really big files are not very popular among the users as such files are difficult to download in one connection without using Gold Downloading Mode, in this case we suggest splitting a big file into several smaller parts with the help of archiver. (we remind you that Bonus Program will not count the files less then 1 MB)
  5. Activity of your Referrals
  6. The quality of your Referrals is more important then their quantity.
U-Points - are Points you get for your files (uploaded by you to earlier) being downloaded.

D-Points - are Points you get for downloading files.

with these U and D points you can avail premium membership for free and this doesnt have anything to do with your amount you earned. these point r only for getting premium account and its wonderfull coz u get paid along with a premium account.


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4. FTP Uploads, Remote upload
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How to upload with FTP?
user: your hotfile username
pass: your hotfile password
You can upload and make folders, but cant rename,move files
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Account type
Earnings Table
Note: All prices are for 1000 downloads.

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Max file size: 400 Mb
Premium-account: Yes
Period of files-keeping: 90 days after last download
Parallel downloads (Free/Premium): No/Yes
FTP upload: yes
Resume downloads (Free/Premium): No/Yes
Earn program: Yes. Good program!
Remote upload: Yes. Very Fast and Quality. Daily download limit = 10 Gb
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 7/7
Support of Download-Accelerators: Premium users only