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If you have many useful files for people and you are eager to share it to your friends and other people, why don’t you use as your place for hosting files? This is a save and famous hosting site which lets you to host your valuable files for free. After your files downloaded by any visitors, it will generate download points and the points you get will be converted to dollars, interesting isn’t it? has a number of gigabyte internet channels in which millions of people can upload their files here. You can upload many kinds of files like video, music, games, office documents, digital photo, important program, etc. If you would like to upload files with max size 300 MB, you do not need to register. But, for larger upload size, you need to register. But don’t worry buddy, it is free! However, you can register for a gold membership starting from $ 0,99 per day if you want to get additional advantages, such as quicker in downloading, no limits including multiple connections, utilizes file manager program for downloading, no waiting time for 45 seconds and no ads at all.

After creating an account, simply go to and fill your username and password you have already created. After that, you can directly upload a file. After uploading the file, it will appear some links that contain the URL of the file. The URLs are applicable for forums, blogs or plain HTML. There is a URL for deleting the link in case your files become too controversial and you are forced to delete the files. Copy the URL to your site and let your visitors click it. The download speed restrictions are 5 GB per day for normal users and 15 GB for gold users with max speed available.

You can check your earning by clicking the link to “My Earnings” on the left side part of the page. You are able to see the download stats per target continent. US downloads make more money than any other regions. If the downloads are major from Asia, you might not be achieving the same amount of return than US traffic. currently paid only for countries as follow: USA, Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the Netherlands.

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