As mentioned earlier, we are going to replace the current system of rates to one that is more modern and advanced in it’s efficiency. We’ve begun this process immediately. Today we’ll delve into the preparatory phase of the transition.
First, the new system will not add the balance for sales, but this should be fully compensated by the rates. The new rates will be set primarily in accordance with the ratio of sales as well as several other parameters. Note that this does not mean that this will not be possible without the sales income.
As you may have guessed, we are about to introduce the system which may be familiar to some partners; where the rates are determined by the status of the account. The base status, which would be set for everyone by default, won’t be less than the average rates currently used on And, for the most active partners, status will be immediately upgraded up to 1 or even 2 levels (total we have planned 4 levels of status).
Separate rates will also be introduced by file sizes. Within these new rates we intend to increase the maximum possible payment for 1000 unique downloads. In addition to this, we are going to expand the list of paid countries.


We already have the approximate rates, but we can’t publish them at the moment. Over the weekend we are going to test a new system and implement it around the middle of next week.
Until Monday, some errors may become evident in the statistics, but all stats are stored and maintained in a separate script. We’ve had to disable the calculation of sales to make possible this transition into the new system.
We apologize for inconveniences. Be certain that it is not an easy time for us, for we currently have to act very quickly in regards to difficult situations. All the taken and planned measures are being weighed and, ultimately, should ensure so long-awaited stability for everyone. We are doing everything possible to overcome this difficult period as quickly as possible in order to reach a new level. We ask for your understanding.